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Due to Aussie banks making it very difficult for non-residents of Australia to borrow there, after 18 years, we have suspended our service to help Kiwi's purchase great property in Australia. However while we have closed the office for the time being, we urge all existing client's not to hesitate to give us a call or send us an email if you need any help! All our contact details remain the same.

About Us

Harvest Money exists to educate and assist everyday New Zealand families create wealth by sticking to the philosophy “make your investments fit around your lifestyle”. (This service is currently suspended but we are still here for existing clients).

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While we wait...we are trading futures to fill in the time...

Ten years ago I embarked on a journey to find a way the average person could regularly add to their income to aid them with their lifestyle and retirement. In January 2014 I discovered it. So while we wait for the Australian lending criteria to get back to normal we trade futures.

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Contact Us

Existing clients contact our office on ... 03 3488 533 or fill in your details and we will contact you.

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