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About Us

This service is currently suspended
Formally named Kiwi Mortgage Market Christchurch Limited, Mark Uden decided that this name did not and never has represented our specialized area of expertise, and so the name Harvest Money was born!


Rest assured, we are still the same friendly, experienced and professional team who exist to educate and assist everyday New Zealand families to create wealth by sticking to the philosophy “make your investments fit around your lifestyle”.


New Zealanders can no longer rely on the Government to support them in retirement! A pension is not a retirement plan… it only allows for your most basic survival needs to be met, and nothing more.


We aim to provide a service that offers support and guidance on how to achieve your financial goals with minimal risk.


Support is offered in the following ways:


1. Full assessment of your financial position by an Authorised Financial Advisor and financial plan produced from the consultation.

2. You will be educated regarding property investment to the point that you will become an expert in your own right.

3. The entire process of acquiring an investment property is managed on your behalf with you at the decision making helm. You will not have to lift a finger – it is all done for you by trusted experts.

4. As our client you will have a large influential voice when it comes to negotiation power with builders, property managers, developers, etc. You are not a lone voice.

5. Preferential access to legal experts in the fields of conveyancing, trusts, and the like.

6. Preferential access to accountants who either own Australian investment property themselves, or have practiced accounting in Australia and so understand the laws in detail.

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